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Areas of Expertise

Women's Mental Health 

Women face unique challenges throughout their lifetimes and yet often hold great strengths and resources we can use together in the work. Learn to use your strengths, your own voice and vision to create the life you want. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy simply means we explore your thoughts, your stories, your ways of thinking and help you develop more successful ways of thinking, self talk, strategies that lead to improved coping strategies and interpretations of experiences. We really are what we think and say - we can help that feel better. 

Trauma, Mood Disorders and Stress

Living a life shut down by the weight of trauma, depression, chronic stress or fears can be debilitating. Working together we can help resolve these barriers to your wellness, happiness and peace. Over the past 25+ years, Kay has helped hundreds of women work through these challenges and create a life they love using a deep and eclectic tool box developed over almost 3 decades of work in various mental health settings - inpatient, outpatient, community health and private practice. 

My Approach

I see my clients as co-creators of the work we do together, and the experts on their own experience. With a deep toolbox from years of experience inpatient, outpatient, in crisis units, in schools and in private practice, my aim is to find the questions that help you own your own best outcomes, strengths and experience. I will walk through the work with you, building a narrative you can feel good owning and utilizing to create a life you love. 


My Approach
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